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June 25, 2017

 Hi Members!  Here’s the latest news:   

1.  San Antonio’s July 4th Celebration and HEB Fireworks Display will be held on Tuesday, July 4th, at Woodlawn Lake Park, 1103 Cincinnati.  Free admission.  For details, see or call 210-212-8423.


2.  Floresville's Family, Fun & Freedom Fest will be held on Saturday, July 1st, at the Floresville Event Center grounds, 600 SH 97 W.  Tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at gate.  For details see the calendar of events at or call 830-393-7070.


3.  Fireworks safety.  Fireworks injure thousands each year and start many fires.  The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by trained professionals.  If you decide to use fireworks, closely supervise your children and emphasize personal and fire safety.  Finally, please help keep our community looking nice by cleaning up the post-fireworks mess on our roadsides, on your property, and on adjacent lots.


4.  Q & A:  Off-road vehicles. 

Q:  4-wheelers and motorbikes create a nuisance; are they allowed? 


A:  Shannon Ridge is a restricted subdivision, not a track for off-road vehicles.  Operate them at a track outside our subdivision such as Cycle Ranch Motocross Park (, 2066 CR 405, Floresville, TX.  It is also illegal to operate any off-road vehicle, including golf carts, on the roads.  Report violations to to the sheriff's department at 830-393-2535.


God bless, thanks so much for your support, and have a great weekend!


Ken Costa

President, SRHOA


Previous Newsletter
May 12, 2017 

1.  DSL internet service.  According to the construction supervisor for Frontier Communications, they hope to finish installation of fiber-optic cable to two DSL hubs for our neighborhood by mid-July.  They anticipate providing DSL internet service this fall using existing copper wire from their two hubs: one located near our subdivision entrance, the other located at the intersection of Shannon Ridge Dr and Leprechan Ln.  They aren’t yet sure what internet speed they will be able to provide but the closer you are to one of their hubs, the faster the speed.  This is all they could tell me now.  After they complete their work and are closer to actually providing service, they will contact me and I will forward the information to you. 

2.  Q&A: Traffic safety. 

Q. Can you put a reminder in your newsletter that pedestrians have the right-of-way?  When I was out walking my dog, a speeding driver nearly hit us.   

A. Drivers, when approaching walkers and runners, please be courteous, slow down, and give them a wide berth.  Also, please comply with the 30-mph speed limit; in January a driver lost control on Shannon Ridge Dr, totaled his vehicle, and was critically injured. 

3.  Report vandalism to the Sheriff’s Department, 830-393-2535.  As we approach high school graduation, most people plan constructive celebrations of this joyous event.  Unfortunately, a few choose the criminal act of vandalism.  If you observe suspicious or criminal activity in progress, call 911.  If you have the misfortune of having your property vandalized, report it to the Sheriff’s Department so they will patrol our neighborhood more frequently. 

God bless, thanks so much for your loyal support, and have a great weekend! 

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA




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Ken Costa
President, SRHOA