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August 14, 2017


Hi Neighbors!  Here’s the latest news:


One of the frustrations of serving on the SRHOA board is that the developer neglected to provide a way for us to change our restrictions that many find confusing.  To help reduce the confusion and resulting frustration and misunderstandings, we have posted on our website an extract of the restrictions with explanations and legal interpretations in brackets.


Thankfully, a recent change to Title 11, Chapter 211 of the Texas property code provides a way for us to establish procedures to change our restrictions to suit our needs.  Many thanks to those who brought this to our attention.


Establishing procedures to change our restrictions will not be easy.  The law requires “over 2/3 of the voting property owners” to approve the change procedures.  This is a high hurdle.  If all of the approximately 400 owners vote, 267 owners need to mail in an affirmative ballot approving the proposed change procedures.


Because the administrative and legal costs could exceed $1,000, we need to be confident of success before we proceed to a formal vote.


Consequently, the SRHOA board of directors plan to proceed in a stepwise fashion as follows:


1.  Obtain examples of change procedures from other restricted subdivisions.


2.  Draft a change proposal.


3.  Solicit comments from owners.


4.  Revise the change proposal as necessary.


5.  Obtain the commitment of a large majority of the property owners to support the change proposal before proceeding to the formal vote.


6.  Conduct the formal vote of property owners.


This is going to be a long and involved process.  We will need your active support all the way.  I’ll let you know how you can help.


The first thing you can do is to obtain documents from other restricted subdivisions that outline the procedures they follow to change their restrictions.  For example, if you used to live in a restricted subdivision or someone you know does, please try to obtain a copy of their change procedures and email them to me at my email address below.


To recap, we want to do what the developers should have done in the first place:  establish procedures to enable our community to change our restrictions to suit our needs.  Only after we succeed in establishing change procedures, can we address any suggestions to change the restrictions.


God bless and thanks so much for your support!


Ken Costa

President, SRHOA


Previous Newsletter

August 8, 2017

Hi Neighbors!
  Here’s the latest news:


1.  Q & A: Chicken complaint. 

Q: I have been hearing chickens crowing and cackling on the northwest side of our neighborhood.  Chickens are prohibited by the subdivision restrictions.  What can I do about this?

A:  Report violations to us so we can take enforcement action.


2.  Community Garage Sale.  The next garage sale will be on Saturday, October 7, 7:45 AM – 2:30 PM.


3.  Free disposal of tires, electronics, and a variety of household hazardous waste.  Saturday, October 21, 2017, 8 AM – 12 PM.  Wilson County Pct. 1 yard, 142 FM 536, Floresville, TX.  Bring proof of address.  For details, call 1-866-345-7272.


God bless and thanks so much for your support! 

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA




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Ken Costa
President, SRHOA